Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Medicare Rehabilitation Hospital Beds by Region

Serving the inpatient rehabilitation care needs of over 62 million Americans having Medicare Part A insurance coverage, rehabilitation hospitals are an important part of Medicare's institutional provider network.  As of 2020, there were over 310 rehabilitation hospitals, with over 19,400 beds, that were participating in the Medicare program.  Here is a breakdown of Medicare rehabilitation hospital beds by region (to see state-level data, follow the "region" links in the table below):

Region # Part A Enrollees # Hospitals # Beds
Far West 9,495,673 17 1,215
Great Lakes 9,196,909 31 2,113
Great Plains 4,142,384 20 1,187
Mid-East 9,405,082 32 2,752
New England 3,068,210 11 1,106
Rocky Mountain 2,039,128 11 566
Southeast 17,048,200 105 5,838
Southwest 6,815,787 84 4,601
U.S. Territories 1,287,380 3 103
National 62,498,751 314 19,481

Source:  CMS Program Statistics, Table: MDCR PROVIDERS 4. Medicare Providers:  Number of Medicare Certified Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Number of Beds, by State, Territories, Possessions, and Other, the Calendar Year 2020

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