Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Medicare Rehabilitation Hospital Beds in the Southwest

Rehabilitation hospitals comprise part of the hospital network that serves the needs of over 62 million Americans with Medicare Part A insurance coverage.  Over 6,200 hospitals of various types, with more than 927,000 beds in the aggregate, were participating in the Medicare program as of the calendar year 2020.  Rehabilitation hospitals made up about 5% of those hospitals and accounted for just over 2% of those hospital beds.

In the calendar year 2020, the four-state Southwest region of the U.S. was home to 84 rehabilitation hospitals, with about 4,600 beds, that were participating in the Medicare program.  As such, the Southwest region was home to about 11% of the nation's Medicare Part A enrollees and 24% of the program's rehabilitation hospital beds.  Here is a state-level summary look at Medicare rehabilitation hospital beds in the Southwest region of the U.S.:

Medicare Rehabilitation Hospital Beds in the Southwest

Medicare Rehabilitation Hospital Beds in the Southwest

Area # Part A Enrollees # Hospitals # Beds
AZ 1,359,840 12 666
NM 427,346 4 222
OK 753,140 4 182
TX 4,275,461 64 3,531
Region 6,815,787 84 4,601
National* 62,498,751 314 19,481
% of National 10.9% 26.8% 23.6%

* National totals include U.S. territories

Data Source:  CMS Program Statistics, Table: MDCR PROVIDERS 4. Medicare Providers:  Number of Medicare Certified Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Number of Beds, by State, Territories, Possessions, and Other, the Calendar Year 2020

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