Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Medicare Rehabilitation Hospital Beds in the Southeast

Rehabilitation hospitals are part of the hospital infrastructure serving the needs of the more than 60 million Americans having Medicare Part A insurance coverage.  Over 6,000 hospitals of all types, with more than 932,500 beds in total, participated in the Medicare program as of calendar year 2019.  Rehabilitation hospitals accounted for about 5% of those hospitals and just over 2% of those hospital beds.

In calendar year 2019, the twelve-state Southeast region of the U.S. was home to 103 rehabilitation hospitals, with over 5,700 beds, who were participating in the Medicare program.  As such, the region was home to about 27% of the nation's Medicare Part A enrollees and 30% of the program's rehabilitation hospital beds.  Here is a state-level summary look at Medicare rehabilitation hospital beds in the Southeast region of the U.S.:

Medicare Rehabilitation Hospital Beds in the Southeast
Medicare Rehabilitation Hospital Beds in the Southeast
Area # Part A Enrollees # Hospitals # Beds
AL 1,040,502 7 427
AR 636,495 8 521
FL 4,550,450 17 1,305
GA 1,708,820 6 324
KY 917,181 5 349
LA 867,854 22 660
MS 601,243 1 33
NC 1,978,972 3 298
SC 1,070,242 9 487
TN 1,354,299 11 612
VA 1,504,299 9 415
WV 438,435 5 280
Region 16,668,792 103 5,711
National* 61,166,694 306 19,059
% of National 27.3% 33.7% 30.0%

* National totals include U.S. territories

Data Source:  CMS Program Statistics, Table: MDCR PROVIDERS 4. Medicare Providers:  Number of Medicare Certified Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Number of Beds, by State, Territories, Possessions and Other, Calendar Year 2019


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