Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Medicare Short Stay Hospital Beds by Region

Providing acute inpatient care, short stay hospitals are the foundation of the hospital infrastructure serving over 61 million Americans with Medicare Part A insurance coverage.  In calendar year 2019, across the country there were more than 3,200 short stay hospitals, with over 779,000 beds, that participated in the Medicare program.  Here is a more detailed look at Medicare short stay hospital beds by region (to see state level data, follow the "region" links in the table below):

Region # Part A Enrollees # Hospitals # Beds
Far West 9,271,394 420 100,045
Great Lakes 9,033,798 494 125,095
Great Plains 4,057,565 251 57,548
Mid-East 9,264,126 414 119,969
New England 3,009,294 131 30,316
Rocky Mountain 1,971,770 122 21,049
Southeast 16,668,792 928 223,711
Southwest 6,619,024 465 91,100
U.S. Territories 1,270,929 58 10,633
National 61,166,694 3,283 779,466

Source:  CMS Program Statistics, Table: MDCR PROVIDERS 4. Medicare Providers:  Number of Medicare Certified Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Number of Beds, by State, Territories, Possessions and Other, Calendar Year 2019


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