Friday, July 29, 2022

The Best and Worst States for Health Services Management Pay

There were just under 436,800 health services management jobs in the U.S. as of May 2021 according to data published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Health services managers, ranging from chief executives to front-line supervisors, play a key role in maximizing the operational effectiveness of a wide variety of healthcare businesses, including hospitals, physicians' offices, outpatient care centers, skilled nursing facilities, and home health care service providers. Because of this key operational role, health services management positions tend to pay more than most healthcare occupations, excluding certain high-skill clinical occupations in medicine and dentistry.  The BLS estimated that, as of May 2021, the national mean wage for health service managers was $119,840 per year. An examination of May 2021 BLS data shows these ten states were the best for health services management pay:
  • New York: $155,430
  • District of Columbia: $151,370
  • Massachusetts: $140,270
  • Washington: $138,580
  • New Jersey: $136,580
  • Maryland: $135,870
  • Delaware: $134,710
  • North Dakota: $134,320
  • California: $132,180
  • Rhode Island: $132,080
Bringing up the rear for health services management pay were these ten states:
  • Kentucky: $104,220
  • Indiana: $102,790
  • Kansas: $102,230
  • Maine: $102,070
  • Oklahoma: $99,920
  • Iowa: $97,240
  • Montana: $95,670
  • Mississippi: $94,270
  • Alabama: $94,070
  • Arkansas: $92,110

So where does your state rank for health services management pay?

Refer to Health Services Managers Average Wages by State for more information.