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The Best and Worst States for Family Medicine Physician Pay

There were approximately 103,000 family medicine physicians working in the U.S. as of May 2021 according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports.  Most family medicine physicians work in physician offices, with smaller numbers working in hospitals, outpatient care centers, educational institutions and with local government entities. Like most other healthcare professionals with advanced training and technical skills, family medicine physicians earn salaries and wages in excess of that earned by workers in most other occupations. Per BLS estimates, as of May 2021, the national mean wage for family medicine physicians was $235,930.  Pay for the profession varies widely from state-to-state, with family medicine physicians in some states making 40% or more than what their counterparts earn elsewhere. As of May 2021, according to BLS data the following were the ten best and worst states for family medicine physician pay:

The Best and Worst States for Family Medicine Physician Pay

State # Employed Annual Mean Wages Wage Rank*
ID 730 $305,960 1st
AK 610 $297,130 2nd
NH 840 $294,830 3rd
WY 190 $282,550 4th
ND 190 $273,010 5th
IN 2,280 $271,470 6th
IA 1,360 $270,990 7th
WA 1,100 $266,190 8th
CA 14,230 $261,260 9th
WI 2,100 $261,250 10th
U.S. 102,930 $235,930 -------
SD 500 $215,500 42nd
HI 300 $215,180 43rd
UT 560 $214,700 44th
MS 840 $209,210 45th
OH 4,360 $206,220 46th
VT 270 $204,400 47th
MO 5,180 $203,740 48th
NM 540 $197,020 49th
ME 600 $192,980 50th
LA 360 $173,530 51st

(*) annual mean wage ranking among the 50 states and the District of Columbia

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics OES. Data extracted on August 13, 2022

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