Monday, August 10, 2020

Top Ranked Teaching Hospitals in the Mid-East Region

Only 134 hospitals, out of nearly 5,000 studied, earned national distinction in at least one of the 16 adult specialties covered in the most recent (20-21) U.S. News & World Report rankings of American hospitals.  Of the top twenty best overall hospitals in the nation, five are teaching hospitals based in the Mid-East region of the country. Let's take a look at these five institutions and where they excel:

The Mid-East Region's Top 5 Teaching Hospitals
Top Ranked Teaching Hospitals

Baltimore based, Johns Hopkins Hospital is not just the top ranked teaching hospital in the region, it is one of the very best hospitals in the nation, earning 3rd place nationally in the latest U.S. News survey.  Johns Hopkins earned distinction in 15 of 16 adult specialties studied in the survey, including the top national ranking in four specialty areas, top 10 rankings in eight more specialties, and top 20 rankings in two additional specialties.  Here's where Johns Hopkins rated by specialty:
#1 Ears, Nose and Throat
#1 Neurology & Neurosurgery
#1 Psychiatry
#1 Rheumatology
#3 Ophthalmology
#3 Urology
#4 Cancer
#4 Gastroenterology & GI Surgery
#4 Nephrology
#5 Geriatrics
#7 Diabetes & Endocrinology
#7 Pulmonology
#16 Cardiology & Heart Surgery
#17 Gynecology

New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, based in New York City, also earned national recognition in 15 adult specialties.  While not landing atop the rankings in any specific specialty, New York-Presbyterian earned top 10 recognition in 11 specialties and top 20 recognition in four more.  That performance earned it an accolade as the 4th best overall hospital nationally.  By specialty, New York-Presbyterian rated as follows:
#2 Nephrology
#3 Neurology & Neurosurgery
#4 Cardiology & Heart Surgery
#4 Gynecology
#4 Psychiatry
#4 Rheumatology
#5 Diabetes & Endocrinology
#5 Urology
#6 Orthopedics
#9 Geriatrics
#10 Rehabilitation
#11 Ear, Nose & Throat
#11 Gastroenterology & GI Surgery
#15 Pulmonology
#20 Cancer

Also based in New York City, NYU Langone Medical Center ranked nationally in 15 adult specialties, but had fewer top 20 specialty rankings than did Johns Hopkins or New York-Presbyterian.  Even so, with top 10 rankings in six specialties and top 20 rankings in seven more, NYU Langone rated the 9th best hospital in the nation.  The following specialties are where NYU Langone earned a top 20 ranking:
#4 Orthopedics
#6 Neurology & Neurosurgery
#7 Rehabilitation
#8 Rheumatology
#10 Gastroenterology & GI Surgery
#10 Geriatrics
#11 Cardiology & Heart Surgery
#11 Psychiatry
#11 Pulmonology
#14 Urology
#16 Diabetes & Endocrinology
#16 Nephrology
#19 Cancer

A third New York City hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, also found its way into the national top 20, ranking as the 14th best hospital in the country.  Mount Sinai received recognition in 11 adult specialties, including top 10 national rankings in three specialties, with it's work in Geriatrics being rated as the best in the nation per the U.S. News study.  Mount Sinai earned the following top 20 rankings nationally:
#1 Geriatrics
#6 Cardiology & Heart Surgery
#9 Gastroenterology & GI Surgery
#11 Diabetes & Endocrinology
#12 Nephrology
#12 Neurology & Neurosurgery

Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian, earned national rankings in 12 adult specialties, earning it a spot as the 15th best hospital in the U.S.  Based in Philadelphia, Penn Presbyterian ranks in the top 10 nationally in just one adult specialty, but in seven other specialties it earned top 20 national recognition:
#9 Ears, Nose and Throat
#11 Diabetes & Endocrinology
#16 Gastroenterology & GI Surgery
#15 Nephrology
#18 Neurology & Neurosurgery
#19 Cardiology & Heart Surgery
#19 Geriatrics
#20 Gynecology

To find other teaching hospitals in the Mid-East region and elsewhere, visit our U.S. Teaching Hospitals resource page.


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