Friday, April 3, 2020

Kaiser Family Foundation, our Trusted Link for March 2020

Using the Kaiser Family Foundation as a Resource

The mission of the Kaiser Family Foundation is to advise federal and state governments on healthcare policy. They produce non-partisan analysis on national health issues and distribute their knowledge freely. See their analysis of the 2020 Election and the Affordable Care Act. KFF does it own research on public opinions and helps news organizations figure out how to scale up the spread of reliable information about health.

Kaiser Health News is their editorially independent news service that distributes news briefs and in-depth features. Their topics include
KFN also conducts investigations and reports on the results such as "Pharma Cash to Congress" which tracks campaign contributions by drugmakers.
In their Data & Docs section, KFN allows people to search the data they've compiled and the documents they have obtained in their research.