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American Public Health Association, our Trusted Link for July 2021


American Public Health Association
American Public Health Association

The American Public Health Association (APHA) is a non-profit association for public health professionals headquartered in Washington, DC. Its membership includes more than 25,000 people from over 40 countries, although most are in the United States. APHA defines public health as the effort to prevent illness, injuries, and promote wellness in communities. Specific public health activities include

  • Educating the public about ways to stay healthy
  • Setting standards for safety and nutrition
  • Preventing the spread of diseases
  • Conducting and supporting scientific research on health.

Among the jobs held by public health professionals are 

  • Health educators
  • Occupational health and safety professionals
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Restaurant inspectors
  • Epidemiologists and other scientists
  • Social workers
  • Physicians and nurses working in government settings.

APHA was founded in 1872 by a group of physicians working to reduce the spread of communicable diseases. Their early work focused on control of tuberculosis. Starting in 1895 they began publishing guides for local governments to adopt for assuring healthy communities. Their standards include the management of water, sewage, safe milk, death certificates, air quality, and qualifications for public health workers. In 1965 they introduced the Public Health Law Manual. 

Ten awards are issued at their annual meeting including the Sedgwick Memorial Medal for advancing public health knowledge and Helen Rodriguez-Trias Social Justice Award for helping underserved and disadvantages populations. 

Publications include

Members of the APHA advise members of government and other decisionmakers, advocating for the protection of public health. Learn more about their initiatives here

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