Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Small Business Employee-Only Health Premium Costs in the North Central States

The annual single premium (i.e. employee-only ) rate for health insurance coverage for small businesses (with less than 50 employees) in the North Central region of the United States generally run lower than average rates for similarly sized businesses elsewhere.  Data from the most recent (2019) Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, a health-cost related survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, reveals the following about yearly small business employee-only health premium costs in the North Central states and nationally:

All Businesses with Businesses with Businesses with
State under 50 Employees 10 to 24 Employees under 10 Employees
IA $5,989 $5,982 $6,159
KS $5,907 $5,215 $6,457
MN $6,419 $6,402 $7,284
MO $6,366 $5,825 $6,262
NE $6,402 $6,470 $6,456
ND $6,864 $7,428 $6,670
SD $6,903 $7,483 $6,970
U.S. $6,920 $6,892 $7,528

Source:  Medical Expenditure Panel Survey  Table II.C.1 - Average total single premium (in dollars) per enrolled employee at private-sector establishments that offer health insurance by firm size and State: United States, 2019


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